Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Card File Organizer

These are a great way to keep those little pieces of paper in your purse and car organized. I have receipts, gift cards, coupons, and recipes in mine. I also have a spot where I stash cash for fun money or for that time I want something and they only accept cash, or for the ASPCA outside Pet Smart with their cute puppies.

Coupons - I clean this out weekly, since the coupons tend to only be good for a short time.

Recipes - I like to have a few with me in case I'm grocery shopping and need to get ingredients for dinner.

Gift Cards - At your own risk, gift cards are like cash, I keep my card file in my purse and I don't leave it in my car or desk so I do keep my gift cards there.

1 comment:

  1. Very smart! I never thought of carrying recipes with me. I might have to try that. However, I have trouble remembering to bring diapers for the baby along, so it might be a stretch.