Friday, June 17, 2011

The Creative Process

There is a great exhibit going on right now at the Harry Ransom Center until the end of July 2011. I am a docent at the Ransom Center (HRC) and have become very close to the material in the exhibit called Culture Unbound. You should know that the HRC is a humanities research library and museum and as such, the materials contained in the collection are available for the use by students, the public, and scholars. This is a unique and amazing place that facilitates and encourages research and learning. The quest for knowledge is never over.

The HRC is always busy actively acquiring the archives of writers and artists. These last ten years have been rich with the acquiring of such cultural iconoclasts as Norman Mailer, the Watergate journalists; Woodward and Bernstein, Robert DeNiro and David Foster Wallace. We rarely think of these impressive people as the young undiscovered and insecure artist as they started out as. As you go through the exhibit you will begin to realize how these people develop and create, how they plan and prep for a project. The creative process is shown in various ways, timelines, letters, journals, lists, articles, even entirely hand written drafts.

Some of the major areas of collecting are represented in this exhibit, Literature, Film, Photography and the Arts. There is an air of mystery and mysticism surrounding the creative process, this is an informative and unique way to explore the process.

If you are ever in Austin, Texas you should definitely put this on your list of must-see places. You can check the website for the current and future exhibits. Also, if you have a group coming you can schedule a tour with a docent, like me.

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