Monday, June 13, 2011


I have been wanting to teach an Art class to adults for years. I have found an art school that is accepting class ideas and if mine is selected I get to teach the class. My degree is in Art History so naturally I want to incorporate an element of Art History into my class.

My proposal is this, if you were to read the following class title and short description which class would you (pay money to) take? Make your choice and comment now, I will select a random winner to receive a Journal featuring my artwork, of course.


Art with Cultural Relevance: Using current events we will create a culturally relevant piece of art. After seeing examples of this from Art History you will pick a topic to depict. Keeping in mind that we want to create buzz and discussion about your cause, the art will also need to be technically polished and beautiful. As a class we will discover our voice with art. All mediums and skill levels welcome.

Creating a triptych: One painting is great but three is more fun in this case. This class will look at examples from Art History, we will explore the advantages and disadvantages to making triptyphs, as well as the impact and possible motivation to make these elaborate works of art. Everyone will create three acrylic on canvas paintings meant to be hung together as one piece of art.


  1. I would say the second on "Creating a triptych" the description makes it sound fun and interesting while the first description "Art with cultural relevance" sounds a bit heavy and more like something you feel you have to do rather than something you would enjoy doing.

    I guess it depends what your target market is.

  2. I would say the Cultural Relevance interests me the most. It would allow people to have some freedom in choosing something they are passionate about. Plus its so unique and fun! It might make it easier to take a jump into something I am awful at! :)

  3. Wow...great job with the writing of both. I personally am more drawn to the second, "Creating a Triptych." The first seems a bit more cerebral to work. The second class seems more like play! Your drive to teach is commendable and I know it will happen...when it does, enJOY!

  4. Both sound good, but "Creating a Triptych" sounds more entertaining and focused on purely artistic concerns. "Art with Cultural Relevance" is interesting, but I'd worry that there might be more "hot topic" discussion than learning how to create art. However, I do like the "all mediums and skill levels welcome" aspect.