Monday, July 7, 2008

Take a Vacation without Leaving the House

Take a Vacation without Leaving the House

Sometimes you just need to get away, and taking a vacation is a great way to decompress and re-energize yourself. The budget doesn’t always allow the much needed getaway every time you need one though. I suggest taking a vacation in your own home; it’s cheaper and can be just as much fun.

First you have to decide where you want to go…

Once you decide on a destination, you’ll theme the whole day or evening accordingly, planning food, d├ęcor, activities, etc.

Sushi, Eat sitting on pillows on the floor, use chopsticks, and watch and Japanese movie.

Plan a latin menu and turn on the Salsa music.

These are simple ideas for a destination date night that will get your juices flowing creatively and romantically. Be as simple or as daring as you want, but most importantly have some fun.

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